Often through environmental stressors or illnesses our bodies fall “out of tune” from their natural, healthy state. ClearTUNE uses advances in Quantum Physics through the use of energy and frequencies to “persuade” the body to move back into its natural state of homeostasis.

ClearTUNE is a companion of ClearSCAN Remote. The remote scan asks the subconscious what is “out of tune”. Then by selecting the appropriate ClearTune chambers, energy and frequencies will bring the systems back “in tune.”


Remote Tuning

“Future Medicine will be the Medicine of Frequencies.”

Albert Einstein
ClearTUNE, like ClearSCAN Remote, is based on two fields of scientific study:
Quantum Entanglement + DNA


Every organ, every bodily function has its own Frequency Signature. Every illness, every disorder has a corresponding Frequency Signature that has lost synchronization with the rest of the body and the living system it is part of.

Quantum Entanglement


In Quantum physics, entangled particles remain connected so that actions performed on one affect the other, even when separated by great distances.

How does it work?

  • icon Chambers Tune DNA
  • icon DNA sends Tuning Frequencies
  • icon DNA Communicates to Body via Quantum Entanglement
  • icon Body informed of tuning frequencies.

The DNA helix is actually a
quantum field antenna.



DNA Vials





Chronic Illness

Mounting medical research demonstrates that chronic illness can be tracked to inflammatory processes. Inflammation is the body's response to stress. Whether it be a bacterial or viral infection, toxicity, physical trauma, or mental and emotional stress, the body will respond with inflammation to try and mitigate the problem. When the inflammation becomes chronic, the body's systems no longer work synergistically. Disease then becomes even more debilitating and harder to treat because the imbalance triggers more inflammation, and a systemic degrading feedback loop ensues.

ClearSCAN Remote can find the causes of the inflammation and …. ClearTUNE can “tune down” the inflammation and “tune out” the causes.


Frequencies Provide Molecular Energy

We understand through quantum physics that the chemistry of molecules (including chemical reactions) are quantum in nature. Light (energy, frequency and vibrations) also has a quantum nature that allows it to interact with and alter the chemistry of molecules. This field of physics, known as Quantum Electrodynamics (QED) is still young. QED opens a treasure-trove of possibilities for the medical sciences because, in theory, it allows the biochemistry of disease to be treated using electromagnetic fields instead of custom molecules that are symptom specific. QED unifies the applications of quantum physics in the scanning and diagnosis regime with its applications to molecule-specific quantum simulations.


Remote Tuning Process

Specific frequency signatures are modulated into samples of your DNA within ClearTUNE Chambers. These frequencies can bring systems or elements of the body back “in tune” with their natural state. These frequencies and corresponding energy are transported by your DNA to your body via Quantum Entanglement wherever you happen to be in the world. Frequencies can either “tune in” support and energy to those systems and organs that need to recover or repair, or they can diminish / cancel / reduce or “tune out” the foreign invaders that cause disease and stress.


DNA in









Customize your ClearTUNE experience by selecting from several different Tuning Chambers. Eventually, we will support up to 100 different chambers where there will be a different tuning protocol for each chamber. Your body can be tuned through your DNA in one or several chambers at a time.

Initial Tuning Chamber Options

Pre-release participants will be invited to help prioritize the release order of the chamber options listed below.

  • Immunity Support
  • Sugar Cravings
  • Inflammation Reduction
  • EMF Protection
  • Flu Inoculation
  • Covid Care (4 Chambers)
  • Vaccine Detox
  • GMO Detox
  • Digestion Support
  • Focus & Learning
  • Injury Regeneration (Soft Tissues)
  • Injury Regeneration (Bones)
  • Injury Regeneration (Brain)
  • Chronic Pain
  • Chronic Inflammation
  • Mental / Emotional Stress
  • Pathogens
  • Essential Nutrition
  • Hormone Balancing
  • Metabolism
  • Single Frequency Protocol per Chamber
  • Multiple Chambers Encouraged
  • Tunes 24/7 or as programmed
  • 50+ Chamber Options
  • 1,200 vials per Chamber
  • Summarized Results Shared Anonymously

Pre-release Special Pricing



12-month Tuning includes: 4 Tuning Chambers for 12 months

$499 $799

SAVE $300


  • 4 Tuning Chambers
  • Prioritize Chamber Options
  • 7/24 hour Tuning - 12 months
  • Quarterly Chamber Rotation
  • Mind, Body, Spirit Course

Pre-release pricing is only available until the launch of the ClearTUNE service after which it will cost $80/month for 4-Chambers.







Frequently Asked Questions

Chambers are high-tech units that house DNA samples. Every chamber is identical, except for the set of frequencies that are selected to use within the chamber. Advanced carrier waves are used to carry these selected frequencies into the sample DNA vials in the chambers. Frequencies or a group of frequencies are selected based on the purpose of each chamber. A purpose could be “inflammation reduction”, “immunity boost”, "Focus and Learning", and more. You can see a list of potential chambers on the above page.
No. The DNA communicates over a natural energy field sometimes referred to as “the ether” or “the scalar field”. Here is an interesting 3rd party video that discusses this energy field:
We send all participants a DNA collection kit. Participants will provide finger or toe nails and return in a provided mailing package.
The DNA collected from a participant is placed in one of several different chambers selected by the participant. Each chamber has a specific purpose and thus will use specific frequencies. As these frequencies imbue the DNA in the chamber, the DNA’s Quantum antenna will act as a bridge or communication conduit (using Quantum Entanglement) to transfer the “tuning” information to the body. This information/energy will assist the body in tuning the targeted elements back into a natural state of homeostasis or will diminish active pathogens in the body. The key benefits of ClearTUNE Studies are: convenience, and consistency (anytime/anywhere tuning).
No. The DNA samples that you provide will allow us to split it into 5 small vials so you can select 1 to 5 chambers per collection kit. Tuning your DNA is multiple chambers at a time is very beneficial.


ClearTUNE frequency tuning process is not intended to diagnos, treat, heal, or otherwise directly impact any health, wellness, medical, or other related conditions. While our tuning procedures are based on evolving principles of Quantum Physics which have undergone significant testing and validation, the study is educational in nature.

Our intention is to help you increase awareness of your personal biology and empower you to make smarter lifestyle choices

Notice: “The information contained in this website ( is intended for private members of the ClearHealth PMA or those who would like to become a private member to participate in ClearHealth Research Studies."